Adria Phillips


Program Specialist - Advisor

Advising Schools: 
  • Ocean Lakes High School

Job responsibilities/ what I do on a daily basis:

I have an AWESOME team of 7 that I assist. I work 2 days at Princess Anne High School serving students and parents in that school. I am responsible for communicating with my team, checking work reports and budgets as well as doing my own. That is just  a small glance. We are busy bees in Program Land and I wouldn't have it any other way!

What I do for fun/ hobbies or interests outside of work:

Anything around water, camping, being outdoors during the warmth of summer. I love to fish, camp, garden, go to the beach. I also like to paint and travel.

Why do you think ACCESS is simply irresistible?

I love the schedule. I get to be with my family and that is so important to me. I believe, family first! I also have really enjoyed the college tours we have done recently and learning opportunities through NCAN.

Advice to Students:  Sometimes it is not in where you go, but what you do while you are there!

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