Amy Hall



Advising Schools: 
  • Lake Taylor High School

Describe yourself in three words: Loyal, Kind, Faithful

How did you first get involved with ACCESS? I've heard amazing things about ACCESS ever since my brother-in-law (Gabriel Hall) started as an Advisor. When I saw an open position for a Substitute Advisor I applied with the hope that I could eventually stay on permanently and I am so blessed that it came into fruition!

What is your most memorable/rewarding moment working with ACCESS? Every time a student tells me that they would not be able to get through this process without me.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a college-bound student? You have to stay motivated and keep your eye on the bigger picture. Obstacles will inevitably come up along the way, but you have to constantly remind yourself that it is just a minor bump in the road.

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