Ariole Taylor


Development Operations Manager

Describe yourself in three words:  Passionate, Empowering, and Confident

How did you first get involved with ACCESS? My participation in programs similar to ACCESS as a child enabled me to sustain a mindset of continuing to strive for what seems to be the unattainable.  Just like that of ACCESS, these programs inspired low-income and underrepresented students in my community to progress through the academic pipeline and obtain their highest degree of education.  For these reasons, I took on a keen interest in seeking out a career opportunity that would not only challenge my mind, but also engage an area of concern that tugged my heartstrings.  And here I am today…

What is your most memorable/rewarding moment working with ACCESS? More often than not, I think people underestimate the strong impact one’s environment has on one’s mindset.  Many of the students we serve come from less than favorable backgrounds with unimaginable odds stacked against them.  Statistics tell us that it’s highly likely that these students should end up with that same unfavorable lifestyle as their environments have conditioned their mindset.  But everyday ACCESS works to change that mindset.  Any day that we’ve inspired or helped a student rise above their circumstances and realize their potential is a good day in my book and always memorable and rewarding. 

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a college-bound student? Network, Network, Network!!!! I cannot stress that enough!  From my experience, success has been made up of hard work and resourcefulness.   Networking establishes resourcefulness.  And, more often than not it’s the defining factor in how successful you are at reaching your goals!  Get to know everybody… and their friends!  And most importantly, make them feel good that they’ve met you.