Batten Legacy Society

Batten Legacy Society

The Batten Legacy Society welcomes as members donors who make a planned gift - regardless of size.

Deceased †

Linda and Leigh Baltuch
Frank, Sr. and Jane P. Batten 
The Estate of Margaret Bradshaw
John F. Estes
Lynne and Paul Farrell
Peggy and Conrad Hall
Harvey L. Lindsay, Jr.
Mr. T. Richard Litton, Jr. and Dr. Audra M. Bullock
Eleanor J. Marshall

Individual and Corporate Support 

John and Sharon Newhard
Chuck and Starr Plimpton 
Pru and Louis Ryan
John and Audrey Settle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Stanton
Thomas E. and Bonnie B. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Waters
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wells                    
Susan S. and John O. Wynne

Your thoughtful dedication and generosity will lay the foundation for increased college access across our community for years to come - thank you for this special commitment.

To explore planned giving options, please contact Dionne Scott, Director of Development at 757.351.2809.