Peggy Johnson


Program Specialist - Early College Awareness Advisor

Describe yourself in three words: Hard-working, passionate, and dependable

How did you first get involved with ACCESS? I first became involved with ACCESS as a student during my senior year at Norview High School and then again in the fall of 2009 as an employee, as the Early College Awareness Advisor.

What is your most memorable/rewarding moment working with ACCESS? I have had several memorable and rewarding moments with ACCESS. But what is most rewarding to me is the opportunity and privilege to work in a capacity where I am able to encourage and bring awareness to first-generation college students, like myself. I'm able to provide students and their families with information on how to help make their dream of going to college a reality through the service that ACCESS provides.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a college-bound student? Be responsible and accountable

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