Pamela Jimerson


Financial Coordinator


Describe yourself in three words:  Compassionate, Dependable, Organized

How did you first get involved with ACCESS?  I first heard of ACCESS when an employment agency sent me for a job opportunity.  I quickly saw how amazing this organization was.  Everyone was very passionate about the students and worked very hard at getting every student who wanted to go to college in college. 

What is your most memorable/rewarding moment working with ACCESS?  I think the first Scholarship Annual Luncheon (SAL) has to be my most memorable moment.  Seeing so many students getting the opportunity to go to college was very rewarding.  As I listened to the Access alumni who was giving a speech that day, I realized how important Access is for so many students; students who wouldn’t have a chance of succeeding because there is no one “in their corner”.  With Access someone is “in their corner”; that someone is an Access Advisor.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a college-bound student?  There are a lot of resources at your disposal, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to use them.  Whether you’re having problems adapting to college life or need a little tutoring you can go to the academic or mental health counselors on campus.  If you’re going to an in state college make sure you see your College Success Advisor.  Your Advisor helps with more than finding scholarships or filing FASFA’s, they can answer many of your questions or concerns and may be able to assist in finding the right person to mentor you and your Advisor really cares about YOU.