Rachal Weaver


Program Specialist- College Success Advisor

Advising Colleges: 
  • Old Dominion University

Job responsibilities/ what I do on a daily basis: College Success Advisor at ODU, NSU, GMU, and Longwood.  I go to these four college campuses to advise and be there for our students that have received the ACCESS scholarship.  I am there to support them, assist with the FAFSA, give a list of outside scholarships for them to apply to, give tips and advice on college essentials like time management, study habits, roommate tips, etc.  Also, I am there to make sure they continue to succeed during their time at college.  The scholars must turn in certain papers in order to receive their scholarship so I have to gather all that information.  Sometimes I am an ear to listen to their problems, a friend, a mom, or counselor.  You never know what is going on with each student but must always be ready to be there for them.  Oh, and I always have snacks and candy for them.

What I do for fun/ hobbies or interests outside of work: I LOVE to shop. Some like to say I am a shopaholic. I love spending time with family, my husband, and puppy.  I also really enjoy traveling, taking on new adventures, and going to the beach. 

Why do you think ACCESS is simply irresistible? ACCESS as a whole is a wonderful organization.  I have never worked for an organization or company where your voice can be heard and you are appreciated for what you do.  The love we all share in helping our students is simply amazing.   

Advice for College Bound Students:  The most important piece of advice I could give is to ask questions.  If you don’t understand something or need help finding something on campus, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask someone.  Asking questions also will help you meet new people on campus. 

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